2015 Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale

What is a Sensory Diet?

Have you heard the term "Sensory Diet" before? What is a sensory diet and how does it work? www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

If you have a child who is special needs, particularly with sensory processing disorder or Autism, or you suspect your child may have a sensory processing challenge, the words "sensory diet" is probably something you have seen in a google search or heard a therapist talk about.Today I wanted to give you a basic run-down on what is a sensory diet as well as who can develop them, use them, and who a sensory diet might benefit.I recently attended three continuing education classes on sensory diets for my certification as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. These all day classes had a wealth of information and there is no way to share … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Hands-On Learning Environment for Preschool

Preparing your hands-on learning environment for preschool. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Are you thinking of doing preschool at home with your child? You may think you need to have an entire preschool classroom set up in order to do this at home, but you really don't. Just having a hands-on learning environment for preschool in your home with things you already have is a great way to get started.Today I am giving some tips on how we have our home set up for tot school and preschool at home.  Our Hands-On Learning Environment For Preschool at Home For me, the biggest part of having a hands-on learning environment in my home is making sure things are set up to allow my daughter as much independence as possible. … [Read more...]

Preparing for Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs

Preparing for homeschooling your child with special needs. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Preparing for homeschooling in general can be daunting, but when it's your child with special needs there can be even more challenges.How Do I know What Homeschooling Methods Will Work? In all honesty, I think most homeschooling parents wonder this. A lot of it is trial and error. Typically with children with special needs they crave and need a routine. Change is often hard for them. Sitting down together as a family and figuring out your routine for the school year can be very helpful.Consider making a daily visual or written schedule. This will help your child to know what is coming up in their day.What style of learning does … [Read more...]

5 Preschool Activities for Summer – Good Tips Tuesday #73

5 preschool activities for summer as featured on Good Tips Tuesday link up party. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Summer is just around the corner and school is letting out! Today we are featuring 5 preschool activities for summer. Enjoy!5 Preschool Activities for Summer 1. Ocean Playdough Surprise Game - Pre-K Pages 2. Flower Art for Toddlers - Mama's Happy Hive 3. 5 Little Ducks on the Pond - Life Over C's 4. 7 Ways to Build Fine Motor Skills - Midwest Modern Momma 5. Summer Ice-Cream Activities Placemats - In All You DoGood Tips Tuesday LinkUp PartyWe want this to be a resource for you to find Good Tips for your life, home, kids and everything in between! So what kinds of posts are you able to link up now? Check out this awesome … [Read more...]

Build Your Bundle Sale is Live!

Build your bundle homeschool sale is live.

The time is finally here for the Build Your Bundle Sale! Starting today, May 25 through June 1, 2015 you will be able to amazing deals on your homeschool curriculum needs for the coming school year. Today's post is just a basic overview of the sale. I will be highlighting a few of the specific bundles in the coming days here on the blog.There are 19 individual bundles priced starting at $10, plus the BUILD YOUR OWN OPTIONS!!These bundles are full of products from popular contributors!Preschool-Kindergarten 1st-3rd grade (2 bundles!) 4th-6th grade (2 bundles!) Middle School High School Charlotte … [Read more...]

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas

Some of the best ocean and beach themed sensory play ideas for kids from kid bloggers. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

I absolutely LOVE the beach and ocean. Unfortunately, living in southwest Ohio means the beach is at least 12 hours away and we are lucky if we get there once a year. Ellie has yet to experience a real beach or ocean so I wanted to bring the experience to her right here. Today I am featuring some of my favorite beach and ocean themed sensory play ideas for kids of all ages!  Beach And Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas for Kids Last week I made her a sand and seashell washing sensory bin outside. We really had a lot of fun with it and you can read about how to set yours up here: Beach Themed Water Sensory Table for … [Read more...]

2015 Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale