X is for Xylophone Sensory Play

Xylophone sensory play ideas for kids. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Today we have Helen of Witty Hoots sharing with you all for the A-Z's of Sensory Play for Kids series. She has some great ideas for Xylophone sensory play! We are exploring X is for Xylophone and how this instrument can be used as part of sensory play. The beauty of a xylophone is that not only is it an instrument that can be heard but it can also make vibrations that can be felt on the skin too. Xylophones and Similar instruments Xylophones tend to be made from wood. Each bar is a different length to create a different sound. Shorter lengths have a higher pitch ad longer lengths have a lower pitch. There are all sorts of different … [Read more...]

W is for Wheels Sensory Play

Wheels sensory play ideas. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

I am very excited to have Claire and Lauren from The Inspired Treehouse sharing with you all today as part of the A-Z's of Sensory Play for Kids series. Claire and Lauren are fellow therapy bloggers and they have some ideas for wheels sensory play for you.  W is for Wheels Bikes, scooters, roller blades, roller skates, Swivel cars and more!  Nothing says the weather is perfect for going outside like WHEELS!  This time of year, our kids are busy going up and down the driveway for hours on whatever set of wheels they can get their hands (or feet) on. Wheeled toys are amazing for providing sensory input because they pack a big punch … [Read more...]

6 Garden Themed Activities for Kids – Good Tips Tuesday #68

6 garden themed activities for kids as featured on Good Tips Tuesday link up party. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

It's that time of year when we start thinking of planting a garden or flowers. Getting your kids to help you in the garden is a great way to include some natural sensory and fine motor activities in their day. Today we are featuring 6 garden themed activities for kids from last week's Good Tips Tuesday link up party.  6 Garden Themed Activities for Kids Gardening with a Toddler from My Big Fat Happy Life Garden of Eden Small World from Wugs and Dooey Learning about Plants: Activities and free printables for kids from A Little Pinch of Perfect Tissue Paper Flowers from Hands on as we grow Handprint and footprint flower craft for kids … [Read more...]

Using Educational Videos for Children in Your Homeschool

Using educational videos for children in your homeschool safely. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Watching videos online with young children around can be a challenge. Ads can pop up on the sidebar that are not age appropriate, or even ads before the videos plays. Or your child can click on a video that you may not approve of. There is definitely a need for kid friendly ways to watch educational videos with your kids in a safe and family friendly environment. This is where an online video subscription service with Highbrow can be helpful for using educational videos for children in your homeschool or after school time. This is a sponsored post and review on behalf on Highbrow. I received a free subscription as well as compensation … [Read more...]

V is for Vegetable Painting Sensory Play

A really fun vegetable paining sensory play activity. www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

Over at Multi-Crafting Mummy you will find lots of arts, crafts and messy play inspiration for toddlers, plus lots of project ideas for them to enjoy alongside their elder siblings as well. We are delighted to be taking part in this fantastic series and today we are sharing our activity for the letter V in the A-Z of Sensory Play for kids. Our favourite arts and crafts activity has to be painting. My nearly 3 year old daughter Little Miss B is especially keen on it and this is an activity we do a lot together. She tends to get very hands on (or more accurately hands in!) during our activities, so what starts out as a simple painting … [Read more...]

Earth Day Sensory Play with Shaving Cream

A fun Earth Day sensory play activity with shaving cream, miniature animals and water! www.GoldenReflectionsBlog.com

This is going to sound completely corny, but I actually came up with this activity from a dream. I know, really pathetic, haha. But anyways, I have been trying to figure out a Earth Day sensory play idea to do with Ellie for this week and thankfully my dream came up with it for me. So I give you the Earth Day shaving cream sensory play activity we did this week.   Earth Day Sensory Play Shaving Cream Activity What you need: Shaving Cream Blue and green food coloring (all natural options here) A medium size cookie sheet (one with sides is ideal; ignore the stains on mine, haha). Large wooden task tray 2 medium wooden … [Read more...]

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